Hello Friends! my name is Victoria and I am the owner of Miss Opal's.Co I am a "mom-preneur," mother to two lovely kids, a boy and a girl. Now motherhood is tough, but starting a business is even tougher. With motherhood, I just wing it sometimes(all my moms could back me up on this lol), but with a business you have to have a strategy that works. 

I've always wanted to own a jewelry line so here I am, joggling both motherhood and running a business. I can't say it gets easier, but having customers and people like you loving my products, leaving me reviews and feedbacks gets me going. So thank you!

 Miss opal's.Co is for the woman who is not afraid to blossom. There are stages in my life where I let self doubt and fear derail me from my dreams. In that stage of fear, I've learn to come out even stronger. That's what my brand represents, a woman who does not let fear and judgements get her down. 

We stand tall and let the world know that we've conquered our fears. I want you to wear my accessories and be proud to stand out in a room full of prying eyes. 

My favorite collection is the Glitz and Glam collection, that collection represents winning and owning it.

So I say  welcome to the blossoming squad. YOU GOT THIS!

Blossom  1. (figuratively) A blooming period or stage of development.